The Art Of Creating Love

I sometimes hear from wives whose husbands can’t or won’t be honest about his feelings toward the marriage. These husbands will sometimes claim that their feelings are conflicted and this usually makes the wife want to uncover his feelings that much more. And wives can wonder if he’s legitimately confused or just using this as an excuse.

Issues in relationships are not easy to deal with. If you are dealing with lack of intimacy, there are many remedies that you can apply so that the problem is solved. Always begin by looking at the problem. You need to go to the root cause and deal with it. It is not always simple but, it is worth it. When it comes to intimate coaching, you need to hear out the other person. Let them tell you what their needs are. If you take heed to what they want, you will be on the fast road to solving your problem. Take advantage of your union to be closer still. This way, you will get to know each other deeply and no matter what others say, your bond will become stronger; you will deal with all issues that come your way.

What are you looking for in a relationship partner? This is another crucial question because you can’t be someone you are not. Let someone fall in love with you for you. Expectations make or break relationships. If the person isn’t willing to put in the time to establish a relationship where you can be that type of partner and he/she can be the type of partner you want…the relationship is bound to fail.

Ask what happen in his/her last relationship. If the person doesn’t own up to his/her half of the responsibility for breaking up, you don’t want to get involved in that. It takes two to establish a healthy relationship. It also takes two for a break up to happen from lack of communication or trust. Know who you are dating. People who don’t own up to their faults have doomed relationships and continue that cycle until they own up.

Sound a bit nuts? I know it does to some… but if you’ve had that very special spiritual connection that can only come from a soulmate or passion partner that you KNOW you are here to love, incredible things happen that can only be explained and understood through the perspective of KARMA and connection, and the idea that nothing happens… let alone LOVE… by chance!

Where Is Score Keeping And Resentment, Surviving Infidelity Often Requires Some Extra Work: Very often, what I see happen is that the cheating spouse eventually takes full responsibility and really gets on board to heal the marriage. They become accountable, supportive, and are willing to do whatever is necessary to help their spouse and their marriage heal.

You create your own destiny. And in matters of the heart… and spirit, the UNIVERSE has a plan for you. And that plan does NOT include the “pain” of a partner who cheats. I really believe that each of us is given a number of paths to pick from… and throughout our lives, we are challenged, chided and even nudged to choose the right one. Far too many of us, especially WOMEN, choose poorly anyway… and this leads to a smaller life (and love) than we were created to enjoy.